Elbit Vision Systems Ltd. (EVS), is a global leader in the field of Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI), implemented in the production and quality control of fabrics and web, since 1992.

Our innovative systems improve product quality and increase production efficiency in hundreds of installations worldwide. They operate a wide range of applications in the manufacturing of: textiles for the Automotive Industry, technical fabrics, apparel, home furnishing and non-woven materials, flooring, composite materials, coated fabrics, Denim, glass fabrics for printed circuit boards, plastic films, metal and more


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The Technical Fabric Industry

The Optical Inspection systems and Vision Inspection Systems of EVS automate quality inspection in the production of technical fabrics (synthetic leather, waterproof fabrics etc.). Different software set up parameters and flexible hardware are adjusted to the specific process.


The Automotive Industry

EVS provides Quality Optical Inspection systems for the production of tire cords, air bags, upholstery, safety belts and carpets. Our systems automatically detect weaving and dipping defects, for increased safety and production efficiency.


The Textile Fabric Industry

EVS optical inspection systems modernize quality inspection in the production of fabrics, as they automatically detect weaving, dyeing & finishing defects. Our systems increase accuracy and yield, and decrease expenses and labor.


The PCB Materials Industry

Advanced technologies implemented in the PCB industry demand highest quality and efficiency. EVS brings world leading automatic optical inspection technology to the production process of glass fiber fabric, prepreg, copper foil and CCL.